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Carbon Clean Solutions, Veolia team up for CO2 capture and re-use
Veolia has just established a partnership with Carbon Clean Solutions (CCSL) for the large-scale rollout of CCSL’s patented carbon dioxide (CO2) separation technology.
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Washington offers $1.1bn to acquire Canada’s Dominion Diamond
By EBR Staff Writer
The Washington Companies has offered around $1.1bn to acquire Canadian diamond mining company, Dominion Diamond.
Mining & Commodities > Carbon > News
Dominion Diamond receives takeover offer from Washington
Dominion Diamond confirmed that it has received an unsolicited, conditional and non-binding expression of interest from the Washington Corporations “WashCorps) to acquire the Company.
Mining & Commodities > Carbon > News
UK team developing new techonogy to turn household waste into fuel
Brunel University London and Mission Resources are developing an innovative low-temperature pyrolysis treatment to convert household waste into fuel to heat water.
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Lucapa recovers 227-carat diamond from Angola’s Lulo diamond project
By EBR Staff Writer
Australia-based Lucapa Diamond has recovered a 227-carat diamond from Lulo diamond project in Angola.
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Rio Tinto hands over Indian diamond project to Madhya Pradesh government
By EBR Staff Writer
British mining giant Rio Tinto has handed over the ownership of the abandoned Bunder diamond project in India to the Madhya Pradesh (MP) state government.
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Ecopetrol discovers hydrocarbon reserve in Gulf of Mexico
By EBR Staff Writer
Colombian petroleum company Ecopetrol has discovered a hydrocarbon reserve in an exploratory well in the Gulf of Mexico.
Mining & Commodities > Carbon > News
IEA highlights role of carbon capture and storage technology to meet climate goals
A new report from International Energy Agency (IEA) has highlighted that carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies can play a critical role in meeting the climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement.
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Discover CAMO's Unscrambler® X Batch Modeling Demo
Unscrambler® Batch Modeling provides a unique way of modeling time-dependent process that helps you model assumption free. It offers a new approach to modeling drying, fermentation and chemical batch processes for example.
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Dunnedin completes 2016 field program at Kahuna diamond project in Canada
By EBR Staff Writer
Dunnedin Ventures announced the conclusion of its summer 2016 field investigation program at its Kahuna project, located near Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Canada.
Mining & Commodities > Carbon > News
CAMO releases new approach to modeling and monitoring time-dependent processes: Batch Modeling for the Unscrambler® X software suite
CAMO Software announced the release of Batch Modeling, a new add-on to their all-in-one Multivariate Data Analysis (MVA) and process monitoring software suite Unscrambler® X.
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Process Innovation in CAMO's Unscrambler® X Batch Modeling
Batch processes are common in many industries. Typically, raw materials are combined in a suitable batch vessel before chemical, physical or biological transformations takes place, and ultimately resulting in an end product. In many cases the control of the batch process is recipe driven and the operations are not adjusted to accommodate raw material variation, changes in uncontrollable factors and other changing circumstances.
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1-15 of 1676 results